Luxury Car Chauffeur Service

Mercedes Benz S550

The Premiere Chauffeur Service on the East Coast.

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40% Discount!
Signing up an account where client could use our service on a weekly basis 40 hours or more whether preassigned or scheduled depending on their needs of service with a choice of Luxury vehicle and get 40% discount consistently on weekly service.
Luxury Car Chauffeur Service
Luxury Car Chauffeur Service New York City bring 25 years of Elegant experience in ground transportation and private events with private aviation. Our Company represent for High-end clientele corporate business travelers, Celebrities and entertainers and families private event planners and need of most demanding customer at a 98% success rate. We also provide our most experienced professional Chauffeur to be a full time or per time Chauffeur for major companies CEO as a private Chauffeur Service.